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Serious A7V Troubles Help needed quickly

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Senior Member
Jun 12, 2001
Dorchester UK
Since installing a Morgan 1.2 on a friends machine we have had nothing but problems. Firstly the BIOS was upgraded to V1010 and installed successfully recognising the new processor. All was well and the chip ran perfectly at stock 1200, the FSB was gradually increased to 115 and then the problems began. The system would lock and we had to re-install Windows2K, now the system will not run at stock speed, just freezing. No problems installing Windows, then if programs are run the comp will freeze requiring a hard re-set.

Temps are fine and all jumpers have been set to default. Does anyone know of issues with the 1010 BIOS or offer any suggestions in getting this Daddy-Duron running smoothly. The chip was carefully un-locked, but has now been returned to locked default. I have tried increasing core voltage but the problems still occur.

Mobo Asus A7V with 1010 BIOS
350 Watt PSU
256Mb Generic
Geforce 64Mb MX400
20Gb Western Digital ATA 100
Soundblaster PCI 128
P.S. The processor has been tried in another machine with a Gigabyte board and it works fine...

Putting a 700 Duron overclocked at 850 in the Asus board works fine so the Mobo is ok...
I'v never herd of this before but what so I'm not shure wat I'd do, I think what I might try to do is first Flash the BIOS again with the 1010 BIOS and if that doesn't change anything, I might try to *gasp* under clock the processor. My first ? though is what are your temps?