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Serious problems - mobo is suspect

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Senior Member
Jun 21, 2002
Ok, well im building a computer for my grandma. All went fine in the build until i had to connect the front pannel. The doccumented config did not work but i found one that did for the power button and power on LED. I havent found the HDD LED yet. After powering it on, it doesnt recognize the hard drive verry often (only about 25% of the time) and when the HDD isnt recognized boot disks are not either (both flop and optic). There are also some AGP problems sometimes (well the monitor doesnt always recieve a signal that is). I suspect the motherboard because of the situation with the front pannel connectors and now this. I have tried multiple channle/cable configs with the hdd too and dont every kind of physical troubleshooting i can short of testing another mobo and hdd. My only question is wether anything else could be the culprit here. Thanks for the help.
Really is hard to tell on those type of things overline. If you did check and made sure that all your cards are seated properly. check the ram, use just one stick, make sure that it too is seated properly. Checked your HSF for seating, all your connectors, your jumping on your HD and other drivers. Checked for wedged screws or washers, and then reset the BIOS jumper and set all to default settings.

Then go and pull everything but the vidcard the CPU, mem, and HD. And see if you still get your errors.

A bad PSU could also cause all the problems you are seeing. I would try a dif one before I went with MB.
You should also check your power supply voltages. They should all be within a tenth of a volt of the rated voltage during operation. The nominal power supply ratings are 5% of rated voltage, but in my experience, it takes the plus or minus on tenth of a volt to have a stable system.