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Seriously Underclocked AMD FX-8320 w/ Asus M5a97 EVO R2.0

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New Member
Apr 5, 2017
Hello Folks!
I recently discovered (to my extreme suprise!) that my cpu (fx-8320) was seriously underclocked at 3.10GHz. :( :mad:
So, will resetting bios settings take it back to normal clocks?

P.S. i guess i chose my name quite well haha.
That really depends on why it's sitting at 3100 MHz. Clearing the CMOS is a good place to start though.
Clearing the BIOS should eliminate any bad settings. Cooling could be an issue and the CPU throttling. Does it always run at 3100 or does it drop there after using it a while?
What are you cooling with and have you cleared the CMOS yet to see if it resolved? Could also be Windows downclocking the CPU. Change the power plan to performance in Windows settings