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Server 2000 question: This can't be working but it is!

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Oct 2, 2001
San Jose, California
Hi again,

I've really been studing my Server 2000 in order to get my office network running right but I can't figure this out for the life of me.

I'm able to connect both my Server & client to the internet through our Cable modem, when I really shouldn't be able to. I'm trying to figure out why I'm able to connect without having 'Forwarders' enabled.

Here's the whole network setup:

Cable line into SurfBoard SB4100 cable modem. Out of sb4100 into Linksys 4 port router (BEFsr41). Out of Linksys into a hub which my Server(win2K server) and workstation are pluged into. (this is my 'test'/'practice' network.)

Server Configuration: Windows 2000 Server

Components installed on server:
1) DNS
2) Active Directory (set up as a Domain controler. and 'forwarders' and NOT enabled.)
That it!

My Workstations Configuration:
DNS is pointed to the server ( and the
IP (static) is UNDER THE SCOPE OF THE LINKSYS ROUTER range: ( Mask: & Gate:

Linksys router:
DHCP is enabled with a scope starting at 100. Range 50
IP:( is set on Auto.

How in the world can this be connecting to the internet????
I thought I would have to enable Forwarders on the server and
set it to the DNS server of my ISP???? It I unplug my Server from
the hub, no internet for my workstation so I know that somehow
the server is passing on the DNS info from the workstation, but how?


Your router is forwarding to your hub, which forwards to both your client and your server. Run an ipconfig on both your server and client and see. If you want to control access run your cablemodem to your server and then out another nic(NAT) from the server to your hub.

Just my guess/hope this helps
I would say that the DNS is not coming from the server but from the router- that setup is the same way I run my network with the exception of the clients all have the router set as the DNS server as well.

I have not set up a DNS server, but it seems to me that either it is not set correctly so the pc looks to the gateway for dns resolution, or the Win2K server is forwarding the info even though it should not be.
What most likely is happening is, either there is a second dns server listed on the workstation, or, what is happening is that the 2k server is "caching" the resolved names. That way when the workstation requests yahoo.com, the win2k server says that domain is x.x.x.x...