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Serverless and Diskless folding machine?

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New Member
Dec 9, 2005
I hate to butt in but I have a few questions.

I am a bit of a Noob at Linux but can get around in it Ok

I have picked up the 3.79 version.

How do I just run a straignt console version on this?
I have created a root password and then turned on the samba mount, but when I try to connect from a winxp machine using root and the password, I can not connect What am I doing wrong.

I cracked the ISO with winiso and edit the cfg file and then same the iso again, But the disk will not boot, bad checksum ??



Dec 7, 2005
did you check your firewalls to make sure it wasn't being blocked?


New Member
Dec 9, 2005
CupCak3 said:
did you check your firewalls to make sure it wasn't being blocked?

Windows firewall is off. I can ping the Ip address fine. I do a run \\IP and get a login screen, Use root as the user and then the pw I setup. and It will not connect.

Not sure what else to look at.


Apr 22, 2005
A Labyrinth
OK, starting to see tunnel at the end of that light!

Up running Memtest. Next I'll setup the P-Home on the USB drive and see if I can config for 1 folding client and no GUI. I'll report the results.


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
Did you set a smbpasswd?

smbuser -a knoppix

This creates a samba user called knoppix and prompts you to create a password. Then from windows map the drive as \\Overclockix\FAH connect as user knoppix with whatever password you set.

To the person who edited the iso. This sounds familiar. Make sure the file size of client.cfg does not change. This may require adding or deleting blank spaces in said client.cfg in order to keep the number of characters in the file the same as it was originally. Some windows text editors might not be suitable for this.


Master of teh Ghetto Mods
Another Dumb question...
well perhaps not, but I want to configure something to boot an LTSP2.1 or Overclockixs LTST Client using PXE or similar from the USB Thumb drives. I have no problem with configurations loaded on floppy but I don't want any floppys in my farm and figure the usb stuff would be adequate, if not more.
So, How would I get the NIC Rom boot info on a thumb drive instead?
everything I try prevents me from writing these files out to anywhere except the floppy or HD