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Seti Client Priority Question

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
Hey Y'all,
What kinda diff does it make if I set Seti Client Priority to high instead of normal or low? Do I crunch numbers faster when set to high..I dont notice a diff except my progs slow down considerably.
i generally leave for work and set it to normal and switch it to low when I come home.
There is virtually no diffrence between Low, Normal, and High. I downloaded a task monitor to check the CPU time going to SETI at each level, and at idle SETI was getting about 85% of my time. Normal only brought it to 93%-ish and High got me up to 95%-ish.

Realtime is a no-no unless you really want to give all 100% of your time and perhaps not realize a real freeze since SETI makes it seem frozen (though it still is crunching)...

it doesn't make any different time wise!!

all it does is to assign how much CPU cycle to SETI when comparing to other programs that r running. HIGH, assign pretty much ALL of the system power to SETI and disregard any other programs. LOW, assign whatever amount of system power to SETI left from other programs.

in other words, if u leave ur machine alone, then it doesn't matter at all!! but if u do anything, surfing, listening to MP3s, even just type a word, it USE system power (regardless the amount), and WILL slow SETI down. depending on how much of system power that u r using.

so, in most case or most of us, will just leave it to LOW since if unattended, it WILL give SETI all the power ur machine has.

crunch on...
I have used SETIDriver for about 10 months now, and all that time I have used the Normal priority. In my work PC (the PII450 in my sign) I see no difference while using Excel (with lots of macros and data), AutoCAD 14 or surfing.....at home I usually turn off SETI to game as even in low priority I sometimes have a little problem.....so stick to normal (or low if you have little RAM memory) ad high usually turns your computer to a slug-like 486 :)