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SETISpy temperature auto shutoff

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Aug 3, 2002
in the client configuration window of SETISpy, i have a greyed out checkbox for "stop client when CPU temperature reaches...whatever". I am setting up SETI on a friend's laptop (gotta add to the farm) and the thing gets too hot for me. Is there some setting that I am missing, or is the option based on some thermometer that my mobo is missing? I am running SETI on five computers now, and the option is greyed on all of them. thanks for the help!

Oh, also, this might belong in the Widoze forum, but another option that could work for me is to have W2K automatically shut down SETI when the laptop is running off of batteries. I have checked out the power settings in the control bar, and I have seen the "start program" option when the laptop is unplugged. Is there some way to make this work? thanks!


Senior OC BOINC User
Apr 17, 2001
Mexico City, Mexico
As for the automatic shutoff of SETISpy (and the clc) you need to run at the same time MBM 5:

If you are running Motherboard Monitor you can Stop the client when the CPU temperature reaches a user defined value. This feature may be useful as a safeguard against very high CPU temperatures that may lead to calculation errors or system crashes. See the specification of you processor to determine what ther maximum safe temperature is. Also, please note that shutting down the client using this feature may be insufficient or too late to avoid damage to your CPU in the event of a heatsink fan failure or other serious heat-related failure.

You need to have MBM 5.0 (at least) to have this feature available and probably will need to go to the:

Processor page
This page shows the type of processor (CPU) you are using, as well as the cache sizes and CPU speed. On some CPU's you can hover the mouse pointer over the CPU type to get a more descriptive name.

The CPU speed is used to calculate the processing efficiency on the Performance page. Don't worry if the displayed CPU speed is not exactly equal to the rated speed of your processor; there as always a little variation in the speed measurement. The L1 and L2 cache sizes are important because [email protected] usually runs faster with larger caches. SETI Spy only reports the L2 cache size if it is located on the CPU or CPU module. This is true for processors such as the Intel Pentium Pro/II/III and Celeron, and the AMD K6-III and Athlon. Therefore, if you have an Intel Pentium or AMD K6 or K6-2, you L2 cache size will not be reported, even though it exists and is fully functional. Please use a utility such as SiSoftware's Sandra to determine the existence and size of your L2 cache if SETI Spy reports it as "unknown".

If you are running Motherboard Monitor the Processor page will show the CPU temperature and CPU load. To show the CPU load (which should be 100% if you run SETI Spy all the time) you have to check Motherboard Monitor's Display CPU usage in dashboard screen option on its CPU page. If you are running Motherboard Monitor and have trouble displaying the right CPU temperature, enter the following line under the [setup] section in your setispy.ini file:

MBMCPUTempSensorName=Your CPU sensor name here

The sensor name should correspond to name shown on the Motherboard Monitor Dashboard.