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Setting up a Athlon XP 3000+ ON KT400

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Oct 30, 2002
North Carolina
I just installed my Athlon XP 3000+ onto this SY-KT400 Plat MB, and immediately the BIOS wouldn't recognize it. So I manually set the FSB to 166 and the Multiplier to 13x and it seems to be running okay. . . I don't think i'm getting the performance I need to be getting out of it.

Still running 768Mb Mushkin 2-2-2 PC3200 DDR400 ram, but the board forces me to have it running at 333Mhz.

Including is the PCMark 2004 Benchmark on this board.

I am aware that I do need to upgrade my BIOS, but I don't have a floppy drive, how can I accomplish this task otherwise?


New Member
Jul 11, 2004
Ann Arbor, Mi
I am also running the Athlon XP 3000+ on this board. I have never been able to get it to ID the processor at post time. I have even tried using AMD's own programs for identifying the processor, and they also give me "unknown cpu type"! I have updated the bios twice and am using the latest bios right now, and still the same. I don't really lose sleep over the issue; I can't think of any real problems with this, but then again I can very well be wrong.

Anyone else run into or (hopefully) solve this problem?

My suggestion for updating the bios would be to use Soyo's instructions on the support part of their site. Except instead of using a boot floppy and another floppy with the .bin files, maybe you can use a boot cd, etc. And instead of typing commands at the A prompt, you could do "cd D:\" and then continue normally (this is assuming your cd rom drive is D). I know for a fact that you can boot from cd's with this board; all you have to do is set the bios to check your cd drive before the hard drive for booting. So in short, you can probably use cds as the medium instead of floppies.


Apr 13, 2004
Joint Base MDL NJ
As long as your board is running the CPU at the proper speeds, the ID doesnt have to be correct(the name of the CPU for instance). Got into your BIOS and insure that the FSB and the multi are correct, if they are(whether you set them or BIOS does) then you are fine.

BTW saxman, if you only have the CPU FSB set to 166(2x166=333) then it is fine that the memory is at 333. If you had the memory at 400, the the extra bandwidth would be wasted, as the CPU could only handle the 333 bandwidth, unless on course you are running your FSB and memory with a divider(2:1 for example). So no worries there.

If you feel comfortable doing it, raise the CPU FSB to 200, then go and set your memory to 400. You CPU should have NO problem handling this. I have a 2400+ stock 133 running with 200 FSB and PC2700(333) running at 400 with no problems.