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Setting Up Question!

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Apr 26, 2001
Hi all computer guru!
I just got all the parts for my new computer but i'm not sure of how to get it up and running! These are some of the main parts that i have:
1.0 gig AMD K7 athlon
VGA Elsa|Gladiac GForce 2, MX 32
256 MB crucial DDR non-parity ram
DVD drive, and floppy...........
I just wonder if I have to set up the bios manually or the motherboard will detect and install the bios?
I have never built any computer b4, so i kinda nervous. I'm afraid i'll burn my Mobo and chip. Please tell me whatever i need to know to get this computer up and running. I'll appreciate it so much! Thank you all,
READ READ READ your manual and than go to the main page and READ READ READ the begginer topics and take your time and enjoy this all consuming and addictive as crack hobby or passion. good luck and enjoy.
jgaud has it right. read it and then read it again. Then follow it along as you go. You would be supprised how helpful that little book can be....
It's better to start with the default settings. Get it up and running. Make sure you follow the manual step by step. If you have any probs from there post them here.

Good luck..
Yep that's right! Your patience will be rewarded. What a great sesation it is when with much trepidation you push that power switch after quadruple checking that everything is hooked up and installed correctly, to be rewarded with that beautiful BIOS screen.
Make sure you have a working boot disk for whatever operating system you are installing. If you are not going to have access to a second computer with internet access, make sure you print out useful info and download any driver files that you don't have the disk for.
Good luck!