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setting up raid 0 on a Max 3, first timer....

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Jun 20, 2003
Long Beach, CA

Setting up raid 0 for the first time and would appreciate any help you guys can offer. I have an ABIT IC7 Max 3, 2 Maxtor 80GB SATA drives and 2 WD 120GB IDE drive (these are for extra storage only). When connecting the hardware I know I should use SATA slots 1 and 2 which are controlled by the Southbridge chip. My big concers are:
- with the SATA drives, do I have both set as master or master/slave or ?? (these are the OS drives)
- the IDE drives, will they both be slaves since no OS will reside on them?
- When installing XP pro I know I need to hit F6 to allow for the RAID to be setup, anything special I need to know about this or is it pretty straighforward?
- I believe my mobo came with SATA drivers, when do these get installed?
- Lastly, about stripe size. Is smaller better for a gaming & photo editing rig?

Sorry for being lazy, but I don’t have much time to research this due to my work schedule and need to get this thing working ASAP. Feel free to add any other pertinant info.



Jun 26, 2002
I'm in the same boat as you man. I'm setting up my first SATA RAID 0 tonight when I get off of work. Fun, fun! I'll post here with my findings.


Apr 1, 2004
Sata drive each get there own cable so there is no master or slave. If your drive has legacy jumpers on them I would try them at the default setting.
With your IDE's it shouldn't matter if they are master or slave.
F6 and have your floppy ready, it pretty straight forward. Install with the floppy provided and then update them as soon as you can.
The last bench I saw showed smaller stripe size is faster, although it was so close it wouldn't be noticable.

Your biggest problem will be in the BIOS. There are at least 3 settings IIRC that need to be set to get a SATA RAID0 to boot on a Max 3.


Inactive Super Quad Mod
Oct 25, 2001
Cid said:
You should go to the Abit forums and do a search there.

They have lots of good threads with good info. Here is a good one:

Listen to this person.


Moved the thread for you.