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setup question on Dual Machines..??

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Aug 13, 2001
Deep Blue Sea (Maryland)
for those of u who run a duallie, i'm just wondering when u use CLC+Spy+Driver...

do u set the Driver's Max Processing = 2? if so, will Spy still keep log on each WU? individually? or combo both CPUs? will it show both WUs info included finish time, etc., or just one??

or just have 2 copy (folder) of the above combo and run Spy from each of the folder??

and is there any differnet running on Win2000 or XP Pro? they "should" manage the usage of both CPUs pretty well by default, right? no need to set any prority, things like that?
Only 1 log if you run it the default way but all WUs completed by both will be listed. If you want to monitor each CPU individually you'll need two separate folders, one for each CPU and set the affinity manually for each.

As far as priority goes, it's set at low by default and I usually change it to normal.
If you don't mind not having the SETISpy log for one of the CPU you can use the maximum number of process=2.....SETISpy will only monitor one of those processors and the other will be unseen. You could use a program like SETIwatch to see both CPUs

If you want to monitor with SETISpy, then you'll have to have two separate folders, each with a copy of SETISpy, SETIDriver and their own cache. I think the best way to hadle that setup is using the -cpu N (where N i sthe number or processor starting with 0) in the SETIDriver.cfg. That way each instance will be processed by a different CPU. If you want to know more about the SETIDriver.cfg modifiers go here.