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SFF WC Noob - pump mounting question

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Oct 31, 2013
2 questions that I thank you all in advance for your input/advice:

I am in the process of planning (I have most parts) of a Sliger sm570 build. I have mounted the PSU, GPU to get some spacial measurements. I am also awaiting an EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM Elite - Plexi (incl. pump) and the measurements (without any mounting hardware) is 62mm x 67mm x 40.9mm.

Here are some options that I would like some input on.

1. How much vibration will the pump produce? I could 'wedge' the pump between the case and the GPU, but would/could this damage the gpu? It would literally be a .1mm diff, so I believe the tension would hold it there once everything else is secured down.

2. Is it possible to mount the pump 'sideways' with the motor bottom directly screwed into the metal case plate (it would be the front panel)? Would this cause the pump to overheat? I was thinking that I would drill the 50mm x 50mm holes in the front panel and put the rubber dampeners on that side, but the pump itself would be flush against the metal front plate.

I may be getting overly aggressive with this build, but I am trying to dual rad this build.
Orientation doesn't matter.
Pump is always mounted directly to something. :) So, no, it won't overheat.
The pump can be mounted horizontally and attached to the front plate as Mr. Scott mentioned. I used a mounting bracket but could have simply mouted it to the motherboard tray in my dual rad ITX build. I did have to open up one of the cable routing holes for the pump to fit but chose this orientation to make filling and draining a breeze, plus I think it's a cleaner look. 20200209_215238.jpg 20200209_215149_HDR.jpg