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Shady behavior from Amazon vendor. What would you do?

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Jan 9, 2005
Livonia, MI
I ordered a $7 (including shipping) maleA-to-maleA USB cable from a vendor on Amazon.com. This is a cable with full-sized male USB connectors on both ends (I got a digital photoframe as a gift that requires this type of connector, and it didn't even come with one). What I received from this vendor was a maleA-to-femaleA cable, which is essentially a USB extension cable. I notified the vendor of their mistake, and they quickly approved me for an RMA but didn't mention anything about reimbursing my return shipping. Additionally, their RMA form requested an invoice number that didn't seem to exist on any of my electronic receipts (I could only find an Amazon.com order number), so I asked them to provide it to me. I received a response about the return shipping, which they agreed to pay, but nothing about the invoice number.

I didn't want to give them any excuse to deny my return, so I continued pressing them about the invoice number so I could complete the RMA form. After 4 emails and 3 generic automated replies from the company (my last email received no response) over a 2-week period, I finally gave up. Amazon.com sent me a feedback form for the vendor and I filled it out truthfully. I also described my experience on resellerratings.com.

Well, yesterday I received an email from the vendor that proposes the following: They will cross-ship me the correct cable if and only if I remove my negative feedback on Amazon.com. They still expect me to waste my time returning the $3 cable to them, however, even though it was their mistake. This vendor has a lot of nerve, IMO. They refused to respond to my repeated inquiries about the RMA until I left negative feedback, and now they think they can make the negative feedback disappear by offering me cross-shipping on a $3 product? Oh boy!!!

I'm half tempted to just ignore their proposal and proceed with a regular RMA, but I don't trust them at all. In the grand scheme of things, this wasted $7 is not a big deal, but I really can't believe what this company is trying to pull.
Leave the feedback, do the regular RMA. Probably should contact Amazon as well and just let them know about it.

When you chose the vendor what was his feedback like?
Edit your feedback to let them know of their recent offer. Give them even more bad rep. Look at newegg or something for the cable. or just do the regular RMA
Let them know what happened. Ask for reimbursement.

Then buy all your cables from monoprice.com and newegg.
I recently bought a really BAD cell phone cover on ebay and they wanted me to return it at my cost. The thing was pennies to make, and it will cost me a minimum of $1.50 to ship it back with delivery confirmation.

The item only cost $1 plus the usual 'rape me' $5 shipping. Instead of wasting my time at the post office and more money to send it back (with no guarantees I'll ever see the refund) I decided to just leave the negative and move on with my life.
I'd contact amazon as it should be covered under the a to z guarantee, and they'll refund your money ;) I had a prob with a 7600gt I ordered and got a 7300le :rolleyes: they ended up refunding my money and after several emails to the vendor about them paying for return shipping, the vendor never contacted me for a return


Exactly... make the A to Z complaint, Amazon will get you your money back with the shipping...