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sharing a cd-writer?

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Dec 15, 2001
is there any way to share a cd writer over a network, and if so, how? I have the burner in my machine...can my g/f burn w/ it from her machine?
certainly, right click network neighborhood, turn file sharing on. then right click the burner, and some file sharing ab will be at the top. Click on that and it explains itself from there.
That SHOULD work, I haven't used a network in a while but the knowledge is still there.
i dunno if it is possible. it all depends on what software you use. if the software will support over the network burning then listen to drunkmonkey, although i don't know of any software that does allow that, it may be possible.
I would think that any network lag would give a buffer underrun error. And most programs tend to lock the drive from other applications, so I don't think it's possible over a network.
But then again, I've never tried it myself
What drunkmonkey is suggesting will work. It will allow anyone on the network to read a CD that is in the burner & it will allow anyone to write to a CDRW provided the computer that is sharing the drive is running some software, like adaptec's directCD, that mounts the CDRW treats it as a drive letter. I don't think that sharing the drive will allow people on the network to burn a CDR as these types of CD's are not burned in the same manor as CDRW's.
actually you can still burn a CD-R with something like directCD. you couldn't use something like nero or easy cd creator over the network though. as i understand it, they need to access the hardware directly and windows filesharing only allows access to the filesystem.
so basically, it all boils down to what software I use to burn with? Other than DirectCD, are there any others that would allow this? I normally use Nero...
Whoops, forgot a step:
Open "my computer" and hit "Map Network Drive" and find ur CD Burner on the network, that should make it MORE likely to be able to burn CDRs, not sure though. "Map Network Drive" justs makes a link between the drive and the computer accessing it so the cd burner will get a letter on the host's computer. About buffer under-run, make sure you have a burner with "smart-burn" or some other anti buffer under-run technology.

If it will not burn CDRs after that read this:
First you'll need a program to make Macros and access to a comp with VB6(I can do the vb part 4 u).
What will need to happen is when someone copies a file(s) onto a specific folder on the host comp., it will send a message through a vb6 program to another vb6 program on the host wich will start a macro thats fires up the burning software and burns the files. It'll take a lil bit of work and maybe a little cash but if you need this feature its the cheapest way to go.