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Shipping a heater core in an envelope (bubblewrapped)?

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Feb 14, 2002
Is it possible without the heater core being damaged? I checked the prices at the usps international calculator.
Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (large) 3 - 5 Days $9.00 9-1/2" x 12-1/2"
Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (small) 3 - 5 Days $5.00 6" x 10"
Or write fragile on the side and they will test how fragile. I would suggest a box. Its a toss up. Nobody wants to pay as much for shipping as the product costs.
Often there is also a weight limit to using the envelopes. But I think thats not a problem what you should do it to cut cardboard for both side then bubble wraps with two layers. Then tap the bubble wrap so that it compresses the bubble into a tight packages. Then I would feel safe shipping it in a envelope.

And as it stands writing fragile does nothing as most of them will tell you there machines cant read. And most package damage is done by machines or by other boxes on there shorting lines.

I worked in shipping and recieving for some years when I was younger. Pack well!!

An just so everyone knows insurance doesnt do much good. The here is why, when there inspectors look at the package they will say that it was not packed proper and will not allow the clam.

So pack your packages very well that you insure. And double box them if you can.
Whatever you do DON'T write fragile on the box!!!

I did that once, and it turns out that writing that insults them or something. The person I shipped it to found it to be completely damaged. So damaged that it couldn't be used. It didn't even resemble what I originally shipped. And it's not like it was that fragile.
Make sure you get the option of adding insurance. Because just in case they **** up the package they replace it. So make sure you do that.
I think is worth the extra couple bucks to ship it in a well packed box. I am not sure where you are shipping it to and from. But judging you location is in Norway, that is pretty far. It would be less of a headache and time to spend the extra money now, instead of getting a damage heater core, which it will have to be resent. Most heater core are copper, they get dented easy.
All I can say is Priority Mail sucks and so does UPS. I don’t think ether of them can ship a package right. (Personal experience)
It would be easier if I could find a used Chevette core somewhere in Europe, but I don't know where to look.
I wish there were any European/Japanese brands with a heater core of the same size.
get your hands dirty

and visit the local wrecking-yard yourself. Take along the fan you intend to use and compare sizes. Thats what I did. It helped that the guys at the yard sorted out all the components. Good luck!!
I wen't to the local wrecking yard, but unfortunately, all the heater cores there were too tall (only got 7.4" height clearance), and they said their used heater cores were between $35-$55. That's just about what the prices are on other Norwegian wrecking yards too, so I'm hoping they are cheaper in other European contries (especially since I've seen Chevette cores as low as $10 over in the US).
i was just wondering what the heater core actually does im building my own water-cooling system and i was wondering if the heater core is any use ?;)
I bought a Proccessor from dabs.com

I bought a duron 750 from dabs.com in the UK once it got here inside 2 days, delivered by parcel force to my door, it was in a giant black bag about the size of a bin liner, and in this binliner it was in a small carboard cpu box padded with 2 thin pieces of foam. the parcel force guy gave it to me, and drove off, i looked inside and to my horror the box was kinda round the corners were crushed the top was crushed. And i thought no way man that cannot be alive in there. BUT BEWARE AMD CHIPS ARE TUFF AS F**K . This chip was in one piece every leg still in position even thought the chip had pierced the foam padding and it worked. The motto of this is beware of parcel force they like to put proccesors boxes under lawnmower boxes in there fan then hurtle down stony roads lol....
I think I'll order it from Canada instead, found out it would be cheaper to have it shipped from there (CAD 21.55/USD 13.5 for air parcel), will only cost me about $5 more compared to having it shipped in an envelope from USA and much safer :)