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Shoud this card work on my motherboard

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New Member
Jan 2, 2017
Hi All, My motherboard is a Maximus Hero Vii, I have tried to install an MSI GTX1070 8MGB card my computer will not boot, My questions are
1 Will my motherboard accept a series 10 NVidia card
2 My current bios version is 0904, do I simply need to flash it to a more recent version so the card will work

Any help would be appreciated
There is no doubt that a 10 series Gtx should and will work on a z97 board. I had a 1070 in my z68 set up. I'm not sure about your bios but if you've a Gpu installed on it before then I don't see why you would need an update for a 10 series. And I know your Haswell set up supports Pcie 3.0. I'd double check all your settings down there and make sure your display output is Pci graphics, but I don't see why any of that would prevent you from posting boot. Do you have any other Gpu laying around that you can throw in there to test the board?
Thanks for your reply Rainwater, I`m using an MSI GTX770 lightning at the moment and it`s working fine, I`ve sent the 1070 back to the store for testing as per there request, They tell me the card is working fine, I`ve had a refund from them, But I would still like to upgrade the card they did mention a possible bios upgrade.
Well then maybe that's what you have to do. But the Gigabyte z68 board I used, the last bios update for that I believe was sometime in 2012 or 2013 and the only bios update I ever did was one of the 2012 updates and I had zero issues running a 1070 in it. Good thing about Asus is I have never had an issue with bios updates. They've always gone smooth and quick. And that Maximus vii is not that old of a board but I think it'll be an easy update if you decide to do one. Especially if it has bios flashback. I've used bios flashback on my current board 4 times now, it's simple, reliable and down right easy. I hope it isn't an issue with your board, idk what the store used to test it. I doubt they set it in a z97 Asus but if you go to a good store like Frys you can have peace of mind in knowing without a doubt if you decide to buy another 1070 and try it, that if it won't work they will gladly refund the card. I got a 1070 G1 used it for 3 days and took it back to get the Evga 1070 sc on sale. Used that for 4 days then I got a bonus I wasn't expecting and built a new rig with a 1080 Ftw. Didn't like how warm the Ftw was so after 5 or 6 days I took that back too and got the Ftw Hybrid and have been happy with it for 2 months. But point is there a a couple places out there that really stand by customer satisfaction. 400 dollars is a lot of money so don't be afraid to buy another and try it. If it works great if it doesn't take it back. I just don't understand why you're having 10 series specific problems.