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Should I add more Fans?

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Oct 21, 2002
All right, my case have 1 rear exhaust, and one side intake. I usuualy get the temperature around 30-37 C. Don't know if those are good or not. If not, then Ii'm gonna add in a thermaltake 1214 fan in the front of the case. after that another to the rear. tell me what you think. and what is a good temperature usually range around?
Not really familiar w/ P4 temps but addng those fans can only help you. It's not a bad idea to do so.
30-37 isn't bad at all. but another fan can't really hurt unless it messes with your airflow alot.
I agree. 37c is very nice. Is that load or Idle though? Why don't you just throw in the fans and see how much they help. If they don't, take them out.
All right, I add the 1 fan in and use the program CPU burn and 3dmark 2002 at the same time. the most temperature i got was 40C. I think this is great. I'm going to add on a fan in the front and replace my case fan on the rear with another Thermaltake a1214. These fans are cool. and do anyone know how to use the temperature thingy on it? and what is the yellow wires for as in there is no instructions with the fans.
more fans only = more unnessasary noise.

look what i can do with an 'average' heatsink and zero case fans - my o/cd athlon 1800 idles at 41c, and its quiet as a whisper.

getting a better heatsink is the best way to get improvements, not adding more system fans

XyKo - your temps a very good. stick with what you've got (unless your really DO need the extra noise).
I think it would be good to add a front intake, but if it doesn't help the temps, then take it out. If it improves a good bit then leave it in.

my .02