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Should I go 980ti SLI?

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Jul 12, 2002
Hi all,

The 1080ti's are out, soon the non founders edition cards will be released and although I'd love to pick one up I can't for financial reasons.

What I'm thinking is this...buy a 2nd Gigabyte 980ti G1 and go SLI. I can probably pick one up for around $350 CND if not a bit cheaper but I'd have to haggle.

I have 0 SLI experience and the posts I've read say that certain games don't support it and there continues to be general issues with SLI?

What would you do?

1) Stick with the single 980ti and just play AAA titles (Ghost Recon Wildlands etc) at lower specs until the new gen comes out and then pick up a 1080ti?

2) Invest the $350 and go SLI?

P.S. I do not want a 1080

Have you considered selling the 980ti and then using the funds combined with your 350 to get a 1080ti
Well... really it's your call..

But I dont like sli...and multi gpu seems to be going the way of the dodo....lack of support. For 2560x1440, the 10i0 you don't want will be last at least as long as your 980ti did if not longer. But yeah if you don't want that, I'd go single 1080tI over dual anything goes for your resolution (2560x1440).
Thanks for the replies. Even if I sell my 980ti right now I'd still have to spend probably $700+ to get the 1080ti...may have to wait for that.
Its more expensive up there in Canuckistan...... but not that much more.. I'm confused too.
I would wait and save for the 1080TI, as earthdog posted, sli is pretty much overwith.
Its more expensive up there in Canuckistan...... but not that much more.. I'm confused too.

Up here in canada you are looking @ least (1000x1.15) 1150 + shipping to get a 1080ti right now another 9-20$ shippping so his math seams to work for me .
I wouldn't get the founders edition so once the other cards come out, we're looking at a cool $1100 here + tax most likely, minus the $350 I'd get for my 980ti.

I'll probably just wait...I thought playing GR Wildlands would not be great but it's actually pretty good with my 980ti and the game will continue to be more optimized with each patch released.

Can't think of another game in the next year that will be more taxing on the GPU so I should be ok.
its not a import tax we have it added to EVERYTHING we buy . ( different provinces have different tax from 5%-15%)

In all fairness, with all the various municipalities tacking stuff on here my sales tax was over 13% a couple years ago. I moved to another nearby town and now it's 9%.
As other have said, don't really expect sli to be around in any real way I'm the next few years with how dx12 and vulcan works.