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Should I invest in a 500W+ PSU or is my current PSU enough.

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Mar 18, 2002
The Parabolic Quantum Well
I am putting a new P4 system together soon. Have all the parts already and am waiting, if I could wait, for Intel's planned price cuts before buying the last part, the CPU. I currently have an Enermax 431W PSU and was wondering if this is enough for my use.

Here are what I am going to put together:

Intel P4 NW 2A or 2.2GHz CPU
2x 256MB PC800 Samsung Original 16-device RDRAM
nVidia geForce4 Ti4600 (Will be overclocked)
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!
Generic Network Card
2x Maxtor D740X (Quiet Drive) 60GB HDs in RAID 0
2x Maxtor 40.9GB HDs in RAID 1
Toshiba SD-M1402 12x/32x DVD-ROM
HP 9100i (or Liteon 32x burner if I have any $$$ left over) 8x/4x/32x CD-RW
Iomega 250MB Zip Drive
Standard Floppy Drive
Digital Doctor 5 to monitor Temps
2x KWI Removable HD Trays
3x Sunon 120mm X 25mm Fans
1x Sunon 120mm X 38mm Fan
1x Sunon 92mm X 25mm Fan
1x Sunon 80mm X 25mm Fan

The system will be water cooled and the radiator will be using the 120mm X 38mm Fan and I hope on clocking my system to atleast 133MHz FSB with my RDRAM setting to 400MHz so I'm hoping on 2.660GHz with the 2A GHz model or if I go with the 2.2GHz I am hoping on 2.926GHz. This means I'll most likely be using 1.85V for my Vcore.

So is my Enermax 431W PSU good enough or should I get one of those Enermax 550W or other 500W+ PSU. If you don't suggest an Enermax and suggest I invest in a larger PSU, which one would you recommend?

BTW I am currently running my PSU in an AMD system with an Epox 8K7A+ motherboard and am experiencing a low reading on my +5V line. I don't want to go into the PSU and mess around the line like I saw in a mod out there. Would this problem carry over to my Intel system? Thanks.


Senior Member
Jun 16, 2001
i think it was a problem with Epox board specificly so i dont think it will carry over and that PSU should be more than enough....


Senior @ss
Sep 23, 2001
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Yes, Epox AMD boards are quite power hungry, and AMD processors are also. P4's are not as power consuming as AMDs are and most P4 mobos aren't as power consuming as that Epox. A 431W PSU should be fine.


Senior of BX
Dec 17, 2000
you should be fine.....
but no need to buy a new one....
have an old 250-300 kicking around in the dust?
if so, a dual PSU would be great, FANs off it, Your ROMS, and Your Removables.