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Should I lap it?

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Feb 12, 2002
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I have a Tt Volcano 7, with a copper insert in the base. I just wanted to get some opinions on whether or not I should lap the thing. Does it need it? Has anyone lapped one?
can you feel machine marks?
can you see machine marks?

If you can feel them, lap it forsure....
If you can see them (but not feel) lapping will help... but you should be able to get by without lapping
Hmmmm. I don't realy remember if it had any machine marks, I installed it a while ago, but I'm going to be unlocking my
cpu soon, and I have some Arctic Silver III on the way, so I was just wonderin if anyone who has a Volcano 7 (not 7+) has lapped one, or thinks they need to be lapped. I thought it would be a good time to lap it (if it needs it, or could use it) when I pull it off to get the cpu out. I actually have to remove the PS too, cuz there's no room to access the clip. So it would make sense to get it all done at the same time. And again, that's if I get tthe idea that it needs some lapping. So please reply.....
Ya that dude needs a smaller spoon!! LOL

Anyway I found an answer to my question here: (if anyone cares)


It seems pretty smooth on the bottom of the copper insert, so that doesn't worry me anymore...

But now I'm faced with the decision of whether or not to snip off that thermistor or not.....?

Should I keep it on there, and have some quiet time when the cpu isn't under too much load, or should I axe it and get me the 5000 rpm al the time and have a vaccuum beside my desk???

The thermistor on the Volcano 7 is lame because it is on the outside and only reads the ambient air temperature instead of the core temps. Either snip the end off and connect the 2 wires or modify it so that it is as close to the cpu as possible so that it's getting a more real reading. There are ways to duct fresh air to your HSF so that even though you have high RPMs, you're getting the benefit of fresh air and lower cpu temps.



The only way i would keep the Thermistor would be if i drilled a little off the heatsink and mounted it VERY Close to the CPU core....
But if you dont mind the noise, CUT it, get the better cooling.
Another IDEA would be to run wires to the front of your case and make a fan controll so you can MANUALLY set the speed of the FAN.
Ya, I was actually thinking of putting in some kind of manual control for the fan......any ideas of what I could use and where I could get it?

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Thanks Jay..

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you may want to edit that last post Focker
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