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Should I spend money on watercooling or something more expreme?

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May 10, 2003
Helsinki, Finland
Should I spend money on watercooling or something more extreme?

I currently have a few extra bucks (euros to be exact), and I was thinking of upgrading my cooling from Thermalright SLK-947U to watercooling. I was thinking of the Asetek's WaterChill set only for the cpu (with the Antarctica block). Would that be a good choice or do you guys recommend something else? Not many manufacturers' products are available here in Finland (Europe), but Asetek is currently available.

At the same time I'm trying to break the 4GHz barrier, as I'm currently at 3.8GHz with my new 2.8C (link to the thread). Is there any chance to break the magical 4GHz with watercooling, or should I jump straight to a Vapochill? :D


Jul 10, 2004
if you don't mind spending close to $900, I'd say go for vapochill (but for just 200mhz gain, is it worth it?). From what I gather, a DIY wc system will give you best performance at probably lower price then kits.
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Nov 2, 2003
South of Boston
since you can get a used phase-change system for ~400-500 i'd say go for that. a good water cooling system (without mucho work) will cost you about half of a used vapo. water *might* get you to 4ghz, but vapo will get you over.

keep an eye on our classifieds and xtremesystems.org's :)

however that ignores your gpu and nb. you'll just end up wanting a small water loop for those (maybe pelts too) :p