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Should I try mining?

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You can use -pauseat HR:MM (24hr format) & -resumeat HR:MM to do that but the problem with that is it won't adjust your GPU settings.

Is there a pause/resume command that is for different days? Like certain hours on weekdays and different hours on weekends?

<edit> I'm researching this and not seeing anything.
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Yeah I've been reading through those. I'm happy, I got the pause commands working, should auto resume in a few minutes, I'm testing things out. I got the logfile commands in to create a single logfile and hopefully overwrite and truncate it as necessary.

Going to work on some other commands to set GPU/RAM speeds and power limits, etc.


If I set these GPU parameters in the bat file, when the miner stops, will they go back to the card's default? In this way I can leave the miner running on my son's computer under my Administrator login, with a screensaver password lock, and when he logs into his account it should stop the miner (as it logs me out) and hopefully the card's timings and power settings go back to default so he can play his games with stable settings. Then, when he is done for the night, I log back into my account, start the miner and it automatically sets the cards timings back where I want them for mining.

Is this right? Or when the miner sets timings and power limits, will they remain like that until they are changed in Afterburner or something? I could always write a .bat file for him to run when he logs into his account, I suppose.

<edit> I guess just setting up a couple different profiles in Afterburner would be easier than a CMD.
I have no idea tR. I haven't messed with that stuff. I use a config file for my GPU setting, not the bat file. You might be able to though.