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should i upgrade if not why

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If there's just an itch that needs scratching... GPU first on that build. Find one used locally, you'll save a LOT of money.
RX6700XT is around RTX3070, so the only good upgrade would be to something like 3080/3090/4070Ti+. I doubt that anyone will sell RTX3080 at such a low price to be a much better deal than a new RTX4070Ti. This is the main problem with the OP's PC... it's not really old or really slow, so any reasonable upgrade will be expensive.
On the other hand, new CPUs and new GPUs were just released, so the next good time for the upgrade will be in ~2 years.
@Woomack ya i dont need a gpu upgrade i just feel like my cpu needs to be replaced shes old she doesnt overclock well so the itch is there to scratch i looked at my finances the other day being on disability realistically it would take me around 3-4 years to save up enough money to do even a basic mid range jump to am5 i.e. a 7600x and a b650 mobo and ddr5 ram so any advice you have feel free to toss it out here
Well, the newer the chips are, the less they overclock (for 90% of us, AMD overclocking is PBO and go)... so don't expect gains there/make that a reason to buy.

I don't think you've mentioned a budget, just that it's constrained. How much is 'just enough money for a 5000 series processor'? There are several...

Consider this......you have a 3900X already. Getting anything less than a 5900X would be a downgrade in core count. Since you're gaming and, presumably, don't utilize the core/thread count of the 3900X (right??) the 5800X3D is a good option.... but only if you don't require the use of the additional cores and threads for other PC work. So...........

Also, can you sell your current PC (mobo/ram/processor) and add that to your pile of cash? Combined, maybe that can get you the new AMD platform (or Intel for that matter).
@EarthDog i have around 350$ to toy with assuming i use my affirm buy now pay later option so i could get a 5800X3d to hold me over till i can afford to upgrade to am5
The 5800X3D is currently $349 at AMD.COM. If you really look around it can sometimes be found at $299.

I replaced a 3800XT with the 5800X3D and I've been happy with it running games (mostly MSFS2020 & Assetto Corsa) at 1440p. You should see a slightly better bump then me because you are at 1080p.
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@JLK03F150 you said sometimes it can be found at 299 where would be the best place to look? also is there a website where i can get price alerts for the 5800x3D?
Bestbuy, Newegg and AMD are probably the best places to look for it. I think both Bestbuy and Newegg supposedly do price alerts, but I only used Bestbuy alerts for RTX 3080 cards during the shortage and never had any luck.

Any specific benches you'd like to see me run? I'll look to see what I can put up.

BTW, I just noticed the 5800X onsale at newegg for $237. That's a good deal for a solid performing CPU. :thup:
Slickdeals for alerts on prices. 5800x3d was 309 at Newegg, don't know if it still is.

But I still think you are spending money you don't have unnecessarily
Definitely run some bench's to make sure you are at least getting near the performance you should be getting now. Can't imagine your setup would have a probelm pushing 60 fps @ 1080p at all times even with upper mid-range settings.

The good thing is the 3900X goes for $200 used on ebay by itself all day, so you should be able to recover some of your costs.

Only cpu I'd consider a worthwhile upgrade would be the 5800X3D then I would try and find the best monitor upgrade you can get. You will get the biggest gaming quality bump from that.

Something like this.
I got a score of 150 @ 1440p on my PC. I hate to say it but 147 is a perfectly fine score. While there will be gains in the CPU score, I don't think you will "see" or "feel" the difference other than a number in a bench.

As Daleon mentioned, you might consider a new monitor with a higher refresh rate if you are currently at 60Hz. What is the spec of your current monitor?
I don't understand any of this. Your system is fine, there is no reason to upgrade. You talk about overclocking when there isn't any need to do so and current processors don't overclock worth a :poop: anyway. Plus being on disability, you don't have the funds available for any meaningful albeit unnecessary upgrade.

Obviously, you can do whatever you wish but IMO you're just throwing away money. :shrug:
@DaveB thanks for the reply i respect your opinion i guess im just feeling like my system is old and needs replaced i mean i did build it in 2019 so i feel like it needs an upgrade
@kaitlin4599 I'm starting to think you would be better served by a monitor upgrade rather than a CPU. You can stay 1080p, but look for something with an IPS (rather than TN) panel for much better color replication, and up to 144Hz refresh rate over DisplayPort or HDMI (instead of 60Hz over HDMI/144Hz over DVI), 27" minimum to 32" maximum, and Freesync variable refresh tech with G-Sync compatible in case you go nvidia down the road. There're probably other options you want with a monitor you want/need, but are escaping me now.

How far away from your face is the monitor? If you have a smaller standard depth desk a 32" monitor will most likely be too big for you. I have a 32" 1440p monitor, but I have a vintage Steelcase desk which is very deep compared to a standard, modern desk. It provides the distance from my face for the size to be acceptable.