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should i upgrade to a geforce 2??

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Jun 10, 2001
I have a vodoo 3 3000 which is overclocked to 195 Mhz....and i was wondering if a geforce 2 64mb was better than the vodoo3 3000 i have...

i have a 924 celeron
192 mb pci100
If you are going to play mostly newer Direct 3D games and not any of the older 3dfx games, then yes! The GF2 is a much better card both in terms of frames per second performance and in visual quality.
I think there are only two reasons to upgrade:
1. Something is broken and not working.
2. You're not getting the performace you need/want/deserve.

If your Voodoo is working fine, keep it. If it's not getting FPS you want, upgrade. Unless money is no object for you. In which case, get the newest video card. And ship some cash to me.
yes i agree,unless you need faster framerates,dont bother upgrading
but if you do,the geforce 2 is hard to beat right now
since the release of the geforce3 prices have dropped rather nicely
which geforce2 card were u looking at getting?
heres a little round up:
geforce2mx=bang for buck champion,cheap,with decent performance
geforce2 gts/pro= mid range,still well priced,and faster than the MX by a fairt bit
geforce2 ultra=the king of geforces before the geforce 3
if u have the money to spend,this is the card to get,especially sinced you will most likely be limited by your CPU (celeron)

hope i helped!!
Hercules Prophet II MX 64Meg - loadsa bang for your buck. It uses fast Hyundai memory (5.5nanosecond access as opposed to 6/7 ns with the rest of the range) but get a small fan to put on the heatsink. Using NVtweak, I am running it at 200/390 MHz, compared to the standard 175/365Mhz