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should Ior shouldnt I?

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New Member
Apr 1, 2002
hello, im kinda new to the area of over clocking and well i dont want to fry a decent proc or mobo. a friend of mine has an old P90 was wondering if it would make a good practice rig to start on or if it would just be a waste of time??

any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Give the P90 a go, but don't expect anything major from it. I'm not sure if the P90's had locked multipliers but you may be able to change the FSB, depending on the motherboard.

Good Luck
You can change the mults if the board has jumpers, I had a 90@100, but it wouldn't go too much further than that :( Practice on that would be good, it's great experience and the OC'ing basics are generally the same, regardless of setup age. You can find old Pxxx's for real cheap if it fries too, sometimes free. I swtiched to a 166@200 for like $10.

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Get that 90 to the max voltage and speed and watch it BURN!!!
and then OC something else. I never did any OCing with anything that old, but it should work. Just remember that the tech is completely different...