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Should the fan blow in or out for my hedgehog

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Dec 18, 2000
I have a hedgehog socket cooler and i want to know, if it is better to blow air into the cooler or to have it remove the hot air?
The Don
The only way to know for sure, is to try both and see the effect on the temps. I use PEP66s with the shrouds turned for socket mounting, and they work best with the fan blowing into the heatsink, while they work better with the fan exhausting form the heatsink in their normal "slotket" configuration.
Tim is correct again. Different systems using custom case mods and multiple fan arrangements just might give different results. Try it both ways and see and record the temps. With my Alpha 6035 turned to sucking, the CPU was kept as cool as my FOP38, however the motherboard ran several degrees warmer this way, apparently due to my air circulation pattern. On some machines, this might work best and on others, it might be worse.