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Should this work?

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Nov 27, 2001
Tucson, AZ
I think I fried my CPU.. in fact, I'm basically positive. The hsf fell off while it was running !

So, my computer (my second thank God) turned itself off at some point. Its an Iwill KK-266 with 1.33 Thunderbird @ 1.5.

Here's the question:

Should the mobo post (or anything?) without the CPU installed? I get power flowing to the drives, etc... I ordered another CPU, but am now wondering if I lost my mobo too...

Any ideas?

i blew 3 cpus and one mboard when my ols hsf combo stopped running i kept replacein the cpu and well it cost me a lot your computer will power on without a cpu but thats all it will do power on nothin on the screen ect ect ect
still wonderin how your hsf fell off
Well.... I haven't gotten my new CPU installed yet, but I can tell ya about the hsf...

You know how when fans start going out they start to 'buzz' sometimes? And how if you slap your computer case a bit, it will sometimes go away? Well.... the hsf went away from the cpu ... You'd think I'd know better. I've only been futzing with a computer since my TRS-80 Model 1 followed by Apple II, IIe, Amiga, 1st 'ibm' PC at 90mhz -> now 2983... Still let dumb things happen. Oh well.
Actually, I just discovered that one of the 'little thingys" :) broke (the center one!) . So now I had to offset the hsf to get it to hook on. I hope it works ok like that... We'll see.
My tBird 1.33 is currently running on load=33c case=21c measured in socket with watercooling. I previously used a Taisol 760 cooler the uses all 3 lugs on each side. You can probably get it cheap as it's fairly old, but whap on a 80mm fan, run it at 7V and my temps stayed at around 42c, not too bad.