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Should you go ATI or AMD on new HIGH end video card... well it depends...

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Dec 15, 2010
Bowling Green, KY
I posted this as an answer to someone's thread but felt it could help people who are trying to decide between the two cards and come here looking for help...

Disclaimer: I am no expert and the following is only my opinion based on weeks of research ... but I am fairly intelligent and able to research and grasp things in short order and here is what ive found that should be of help in determining which you should get. Hope my weeks of research helps someone make best decision for their rig .. with that disclaimer out of the way ...

This is from Toms Hardware article review yesterday ....

"...As for the Radeon HD 6970, it should be selling for $20 more than a GTX 570. Based on its display outputs alone, that makes AMD’s card worth the Andrew Jackson to me, personally. Otherwise, the two cards trade blows, with the GTX 570 faring better at 1680x1050 as AMD’s Radeon HD 6970 retains more of its performance at 2560x1600...

...Considering 6900s In CrossFire

But wait, there’s more. What about the Radeon HD 6900s in CrossFire? After all, AMD claims to have made some notable improvements to its scaling.

You’re only going to buy two high-end graphics cards if you’re running at the top resolutions with visual details maxed out. That’s where the 2 GB frame buffers featured on both 6900-series cards come in handy. In many cases, two $300 Radeon HD 6950s outperform a pair of $350 GeForce GTX 570s, saving you $100 total for better frame rates. It’s hard to use the word value when you’re talking about $600 worth of graphics cards, but in this ultra-high-end space, two 6950s trump GTX 570s in bang for the buck...."

My thoughts based on weeks of digging around:


So i think IMHO for most gamers at the moment that the 570 might be a slight bit better for them ... but whether they can tell in a game though ??? i dont think so ... i dont think anyone could tell the difference in a game which they were playing with ... but the facts so far are the facts so read on ...

I do think one thing is for sure ... for those of us that game in crazy huge resolutions like 2560x1600+ and above wiht multi monitor gaming ... ATM the ATI 6970 cards are the better choice performance wise ... not to mention the 5-20% increase that will/should come in the months ahead with better drivers ( but should NOT be a determining factor in purchase )


if you like to take pride in how much you overclocked something the 6970 may not be for you ... the 570 can be tinkered with more ATM ... but it still would not matter at the higher resolutions

With all that said ...

I am now the owner of both cards ... got my 6970 today ( was going to order a 5870 2G but 6970 finally was released ) for my high resolution main character gaming rig ... and i bought a 570 for my other gaming rig i use for my slaves in an mmo ( im a boxer in mmos )

i think they will both do their jobs ...

6970 will allow me to play in crazy resolution at max better than the 570 on my main characters new rig

and the 570 will let my slaves play in lower resolution with a little performance boost over the 6970

so it all depends on your needs


High resolution gaming / design ... get the ATI 6970

lower than 2560x1600 use or like to tinker heavily in OC accomplishment ........... get the NVIDIA 570

also the 6970 has better power management if your into that ...

All in ALL if your like most gamers running at 1920 x 1080 ... i do not think there is a noticable REAL WORLD difference in the two cards

-my two cents


the 580 and 5970 are two entirely different beasts with the 5970 with a slight edge ... in most any situation needed that demand for a GPU the 5970 is prolly better .. except in MMO multiboxing where single GPU cards are much better so the 580 would be my choice there
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Bad ConNecTioN

Sep 8, 2004
I just got a 6970...will be at more door in a few days. However in my decision criteria I forgot to factor in overclocking...something which I love doing. Considering the GTX 570 offers more headroom in that department, I'm a wee bit concerned about my choice.
That said, both cards are close enough in price and performance that all this constant debating is a wash.
Give the drivers some time to mature (for both cards), then the real story will be told. But even then, I expect them to be so close in performance that it still won't matter.