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Shoving a audio amplifier into a PC (pictures)

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Nov 24, 2011
Photo Album:
* Bracket from 56K modem
* Scrap aluminum bar
* Simpson Strong-Tie 5-in 20-Gauge Galvanized Steel Tie Plate Wood To Wood (TP-35)
* Nylon standoffs/spacers
* 3 ceramic cement 20Ohm resistors
* 2x100W TPA3116 D2 Dual Channel Digital Audio Amplifier Board 12V-24V
* DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V 6A Step Up Power supply Module
* 18 AWG wire (Black/White, i do not have red or yellow wire)
* Zip ties (4 and 6 inch)
* ferret core
* insulted spade connectors (tired of dealing with molex plugs)
* heat shrink
* 3M stainless steel scews/nuts/washers,lock wasters

Had issues with the system rebooting when the amp is turned on so that is what the resistor bank is for

Bent one edge of the stong-tie to add rigidity

Hoping the ferret core will remove the hum from the speakers when not in use (very tolerable if it does nothing)

Speaker wires run through opening in the bracket to the amp board

This monster is going to live in the top PCI slot where I do not have a PCIe slot cause of a M.2 port, the boost converter just clears low profile addon cards

It does sag a little, it pulls around 0.25A when running

Attached are heavily cropped image with background data removed to make the files under 2MB


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Chapstick Eating Premium Member
Jan 14, 2011
Pretty cool idea! Just a suggestion, but if you upload the pictures to the forums there's no chance of it disappearing in future years if imgur goes down (think all the old broken photobucket links)


Apr 30, 2006
United States
Very cool. I wish I learned about it.
I have a basement FULL of electronic stuff and don't have a clue about it. It was my dad's...well he was a electronical genius. My brother and I didn't care to learn anything about it, we were into cars. Now I have it all, It looks cool maybe one day.


Nov 24, 2011
The electronics are not that complicated

the only thing that was resistor bank, very simple and cheap solution (once you understand the cause of the issue) but it does waste a little power, ideally you would want a shunt resistor and a some other components so you can measure the current draw and if it exceeds normal usage it closes a gate/relay so it goes though the resistor and after the current draw comes down to sane levels it opens the gate/relay, this way you avoid wasteing around 1W or something trivial like that, though i guess you could measure voltage at a cap on the amp and when the value is correct you open a gate/relay and bypass the resistors


Nov 24, 2011
well if i use a script i could have done 40k images or so, but without knowing the size limit what is the point (for all i knew it is a resolution limit)
@don256us the phone i used is a galaxy S5, google says that is from mid 2014 so almost 8.75 years old

Got them down to 2MB or less and now there are backups on the forum here