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I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of the one I did (my digital cam is busted :( ), but I'll try to be really descriptive, so use your imagination!

Szech sets the mood...
My mother's processor fried (Celeron 566@850, 1.8v). I don't like when her computer goes down because I'm the one who gets to repair it. After I figured out it was heat related, I was going to watercool her processor, but I can't imagine what kind of grief I'll hear about if anything ever went wrong. She has bad airflow, because she insisted that the case fans were too noisy, so I figure that a duct would be a good way to go. I'm sure that what killed the processor was recirculating air in So-Cali summer heat.

An idea is born...
I got a 3" flexible aluminum dryer duct, a 3" aluminum duct connector (they look like 3" O.D. tubes) and two 3" hose clamps. I took all the components out of the case, and took it to work where I picked out a 3" hole saw. My coworker commended me on my dragon cutout :). I put the case on the drill press, lined it up to the existing holes in the front, and cut all the way through. I didn't plan on it, but the duct connector barely fit through the hole. It's so snug that I didn't have to use any adhesive to hold it in place. The processor has an orb (I know, I know... ), which made it pretty easy to attach the duct. Because the diameter of the orb was less than the duct, I wrapped a thin strip of rubber around the top three times and taped it in place. I put the duct in, and tried to tighten the clamps over the orb. It doesn't work. I took the orb off the processor, clamped the duct over the top, then led it to the connector in the front. Yay! It does take a good amount of real estate in the case, but if it saves me another repair trip, it's worth it (not that I don't like seeing Mom, but repairs suck :) ). The temperatures don't go over 41C in a hot room during a So-Cal summer, so I know it's doing its job. Also keep in mind that this is in a case with two fans (the Orb's and the power supply's), which makes it that much more impressive.

I'll try to get some pics up. I like my work on this particular project :).
I'm confused, if you took the orb off the CPU, how does air get through the duct?
I just read that part again, it's not very clear is it :).

I had problems trying to clamp the duct to the orb while the orb was still on the processor. The rubber strip kept falling off, the clamp kept going on crooked, etc. So I took the orb off the processor, I put the duct on, then I put the orb back on the processor, with the duct attached. Then I connected the other end of the duct to the front.

One end of the duct is clamped to the connector in front, which gets air from outside the case. The other end is clamped to the top 1/2" of the orb.
no pics here either but imagine a square hole cut in your sidecase cover just a hair bigger then your CPU fan, i have my cardboard mounted on my sidecase cover and it does not touch the HSF but its very very close, i folded the cardboard tabs over the outside of the case cover and then put a screen on with 2 screws and this holds the duct in place, i dont want anything touching the HSF as it would be to noisy with the delta i'm running. the way i'm setup i can remove my sidecase cover just as easy as if there were no duct and this is important because its much easier to take it off to clean it you would be supprised at how much dirt just a screen catches.
Here's mine. 3in. x 3in. ID thick (1/8in.) walled aluminum. Got it from the local metal scrap yard.

Haven't got a digital camera myself but I may be able to get one or hopefully figure why I can't take still snapshots from my camcorder / video in port and get an analog shot of my duct. If I can I'll post pictures soon. If I can't I'll remain annoyed!

Hope to have something for you soon.
Just finished mine. Made it out of plexiglass and it wasnt easy! I first made it entirely out of cardboard to create the templates which I later used to cut the plexi. Cutting plexi with a jigsaw is very difficult as it tends to melt quickly as the blade heats up. I used cutting oil to lubricate the blade so it wouldnt create so much friction..this helped somewhat. I am gonna post a whole series of pics over at the Alternative Modding section. This thing also glows under my 18" blacklight...heh heh.
hey thats exactly what i want to do to my heater core. whould you be kind enough to e-mail me a layout of it. that is one of the cleanist looking ducts i have seen.
Here's pictures of mine. The tube is used in making home made speaker boxes. $3 at the flea market and a nice finish on the front.
Okay, I got a cheapy Aiptek Pencam II temporarily, so please excuse the poor image quality.

The connector barely fits through the hole, so there is no adhesive.

The duct is clamped to the connector.


You can't see it, but there is a small strip of rubber wrapped around the top of the orb so it fits snug to the duct.
man after looking at all of these sweet ducts i was wondering. how in the world can someone make a trashy card board duct when you can make a stylin duct out of stuff like dryer vents and lexan. thanks for all the great pics keep em comin