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Showed my G-dad my system, saw ice on my socket!

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Dec 30, 2001
Mount Holly, NJ
so here it is... my Ultra Violet cathode light from pcmods.com or caseetc.com (i forget) and my grand dad has just stopped over and asks me if i could turn in on some how to show him... i say sure come on up stairs...
and i pop the side off of my already running pc, and tug on one of the molex connectors from a etra fan and plug in my uv light.... looks good we thought as i was waving an inch above my blue rug picking out all the soda stains and white fuzzies.. i then unplugged it and he asked me is this the heater core thing you were talking about.
i said no.. this is two cheapy radiators w/ fans inbetween them. i then said you ready for this, check out the temp on my processor... so i picked up my compunurse and proceed to put the probe inbetween the cold plate and the processor to get a normal reading of -20c at idle... but low and behold after a week of my new setup (water wetter, dual rads and triple panaflows) there was now ice built up on the socket itself surrounding my cellfoam and this is on my abit slocket card one drip & hits my video card!
...so i hurryed and powered it down and proceed to take the processor off and to clean it up. i pulled out the slocket card w/ water dripping on my hand and then pulled out the res. and rads.
i then took apart the setup on the cpu and to no surprise on the backside of the slocket was a hand full of corrosion. i'll be working on it as soon as i get back.... my question is... how do i clean up the corrosion? ....thanks :D

PS the only insulating was the cell foam :cool:


Mysteriously Changing Senior
Dec 19, 2000
In Thelemac's Basement Eating the Chickens
You better not kill that ol chip or william and I will be very sad. I have no idea what to use for cleanup but I would suggest some closed cell foam from dangerden. Are you still using the 80 watt pelt? I never had any condensation problems myself. By the way you should really try a copper coldplate since it cold lower your temps as much as 5c. Hopefully I'll get some copper soon so if I have a 2x2 square leftover I'll make you a nice mirror finish plate. Do you know if everything still works?