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Shroud VS no shroud. TFC Xchanger 360 + I7

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Jan 19, 2009
I just added some shroud to my TFC Xchanger 360 and i wanted to show you my result.

Scythe Split Stream @ 1200rpm
TFC Xchanger 360
Apogee GTZ
Room @ 24°c
I7 920 @ 4ghz
(21x191) 1.28vcore

Before : No shroud
Water IN : 31°c
Water OU : 30°c
Core temp : ~65

After : 50mm shroud
Water IN : 29°c
Water OU : 28°c
Core temp : ~61

Pics of the last load with shroud



Northern Senior
Apr 24, 2007
Shrouds allow your fans output to cover more Rad fins and therefore help remove more heat from the water. To me it's simple, and I'll always use a shroud if possible. 2 degrees is more than I would have thought though. I've always run my fans shrouded, and I have no comparison results so thx for posting.

As an illustration of why I think shrouds help I took this pic the last time I cleaned out my rad:

I use wide hub 38mm Denki San Ace fans. Take a look at how small the deadspot is compared with the hub size using only a 25mm shroud.


Senior Member
May 10, 2009
There's an article of mine on shrouds and fans that ought to get published soon :D

Shrouds are good!


Dec 5, 2006
SC (now)
Thanks for the link Diggrr, I had noticed the same as Baditude (not surprising, as it his old rad setup;)) but it also answered my question of push/pull on the fan orientation.