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Apr 28, 2001
I just downloaded this SHUTDOWN NOW soft which should automatically shutdown a machine to save the cpu from being killed if it gets too HOT.....does anybody know how to configure this soft? Secondly, I tested it (manually) with win2k and XP beta but the computer could only shutdown to the "It's now safe to turn off your computer" screen. In other words, the power source and the monitor were still on, and the fans were still rotating!! The question is.... is the CPU also TOTALLY OFF or is it still being heated? I would prefer that the power source is also out (like is the case with ME and 98SE), to be dead sure my chip isn't slowly being killed! Any suggestions....? Thanx.
It could be going to standby mode, which is almost as good as turning off the power. I have a thermocouple in my HSF base, so I don't need my O/S to be running to see my CPU temp. When I do a shutdown/standby, the CPU temp drops to ambient very quickly and stays there. I'm not familiar with Shutdown Now, but it sounds like a great idea for OC'ers who let their system run unattended.

I don't know what you use to monitor your temps, but Motherboard Monitor has an option to use Shutdown Now! in conjunction w/ itself. It's the "when alarm goes off start SHDN" option. If my proc ever gets above 50c, my system will automatically shut off...;)