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ShutdownNow doesn't shut down on overheat

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Feb 4, 2001
I have Motherboard monitor configured to activate ShutdownNow when the CPU temp gets to hot. MBM activates ShutdownNow and this opens up a shutdown window and all I have to do is push a button to shut everything down. But I don't want to push a button, I want the system to "shut down."

This is an unregistered version, is that the problem. Or do I just not have it configured right?

Also the Control Alt D option doesn't shut down the system either,
The resistered version shuts it down, or at least it did on mine.....
ShutdownNow is a seperate program, you've got to d/l it(there's a link from MBM's site) and run it. All MBM does is calls that program in an overheat situation.
I recently hooked up MBM and SHDN but I haven't tried it yet. I think that it would have to do with the parameter that you pass to SHDN. There is a line (I think right after the SHDN check box in MBM) that allows you to enter the parameter. Look at the doc for SHDN and I think you would have to enter SHUTDOWN. Let me know if it works because I'm counting on it also.
Don't you have to have ACPI enabled in order for shutdown now to work??