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Shuttle AK35 GT2, no 1/6 pci divider?

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Aug 6, 2002
Piotrkow, Poland
Shuttle AK35 GT2, no 1/5 pci divider?

I recently acquired a 333MHz DDR, I've chosen 170MHz FSB booted into windows, checked and Sandra showed that I had 43MHz PCI and 86AGP :(((, what can I do I've found no corresponding option in BIOS to enable the 1/5 divider, any ideas? This board has KT333CE chipset, so it should support 1/5... perhaps some of you knowing wcpredit could help as this doesn't seem to be the hardware issue, neither in kt333 chipset nor in pll clock gen.
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I have the same mobo and I set the FSB to 180 thinking it had a 1/5 divider. My computer wouldn't boot, but of course I got it to work again. I didn't realize what was wrong until I saw this post. Should we E-Mail Shuttle or something and ask?
PCI divider

There is a 1/5. Sandra can't read it and always gives it as if it was on 1/4.

What multiplyer are you using to try 170 FSB? Anything higher than 10.5 (1600+ default) is not very likely to work because the clock speed iwould be beyond the max for an XP palomino. Try a lower multiplyer (unlock the cpu first) and then see if you can get above 170 FSB.
Arkaine, how could one test for an 1/5 divider if Sandra has this issue? Speed Fan?
Yes, I'm curious about all this stuff, I'm downloading Sandra2003 since I've heard it has correct readings of the PCI speed. I even downloaded some special modded bios that can enable dividers... I had thought it still has no 1/5, but as for now it works at 158MHz, I suppose it wouldn't if it was 1/4? But in general I'm dissappointed with this mobo.
The D bios revision has support for the 2700+@166. So it must have the 1/5 divider:

Bios name Remarks

AK35S20A Date code: 03/22/2002 checksum: CC00
Initial release.
AK35S20B Date code: 04/03/2002 checksum: 1A00
Fixed when resume from s3 the 2nd time will fail if modify CPU mutiplier.
AK35S20C Date code:04/12/2002 checksum : E100
Fixed SFF Duron cpu name string show error.
AK35S20D Date code:08/30/2002 checksum : FD00
1. Support AthlonXP (CPUID=681h) 2400+ & 2700+ CPU
2. add CPU Clock table to (166MHz ~ 200MHz)
AK35S20E Date code: 09/10/2002 checksum : 0C00
1. FSB default is 133MHz if use AthlonXP CPU
I'm pretty sure that 150 FSB is the starting point of the 1/5th divider, because I get higher 3DMark socre at 145 FSB, than 150 FSB. I believe it's because at 150, the motherboard is kicking in the 1/5 divider, so my AGP card is running at 60 MHz, instead of 66 MHz (stock AGP speed), while at 145 FSB, my AGP card is running at 72.5 MHz.