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Siemens memory....where to buy.....

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Jun 5, 2001
Nottingham, England
Where can I buy some Siemens memory? I upgraded a friend's computer and stuck in a 256Mb stick, I took the old Siemens 64Mb stick home with me.......

I've been having serious memory problems (which I discovered due to this 64mb stick!) with my KT7A raid board so I decided to whack this module in it......

It's rated pc100-222-620. The stuff does 150Mhz at cas 3 with no problems at all, Fast Settings + Interleaving on.

All my other memory hates this board (Hyundai, Samsung and a few generic sticks) All I get when I go into Windows with my 133 rated sticks (even at 133) is a garbled screen followed by a complete lockup.

The sticker on the Ram says:-

HY864V8200GU-8 8M x 64 SDRAM
A2299150363 1209 PC100-222-620
Assembled In Germany.

The other strange thing is that I also tried my Athlon XP 1700 in my KT7A-Raid (version 1.2).

XP's are not supposed to work with a KT7A board less than rev.1.3, yet mine works perfectly even though it identify's itself as an Athlon MP 1466Mhz :) The bios used was 3R. Sandra identified the chip as being SSE enabled and so did Wcpuid.

After 2 months of thinking the board was junk cos' it was a replacement for a dead board, I now find that all the problems I've had have been a result of all my different flavours of memory hating the board.

Anyway I digress, where can I buy some a larger Siemens memory stick (a 256mb or 512mb stick), If no-one can help me out with that then what is the best memory for this board (I want 150Mhz and it would be nice to have Cas 2).

hope someone can help

Thanks for the info :) I was going to but some Crucial (pre-tested to 150) from overclockers.co.uk but it does seem a little expensive.

shall have a look for the ram you suggested , cos' I was well impressed that PC100 ram managed to do 150!!!!!