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Mar 20, 2001
I've been waiting for my heater core to arrive for 2 long weeks. I was able to install it today, and noticed that my temps had indeed dropped.

Previously with my Super Cube my temperature went up to 48*C.

Now, it's going to 39* with the Heater Core. So that's a 9* C difference.

But that temp is still too high!!! It should be a LOT lower. I mean I'm only cooling a Duron 700@933!

Am I expecting too much from watercooling or is there something wrong?

1250 Eheim Pump
Heater Core Radiator
85 CFM Radioshack Fan
Maze 2 Waterblock
Are you by chance using an ASUS mobo? The asus probe is notorious for being inaccurate. I have one in my second machine. Its way off.
Nope, I have an IWILL kk266. With aircooling and an ambient temperature of 20*C it went to 40*C. I was using a FOP-38 with a 7000 RPM fan :(. I know the probe is not off.
Right now I have the heater core outside of my case so I don't think that's an issue. I tried putting the heater core in front of a really big fan. That cooled it down 2*C. Do you think it could be the airflow? I know a lot of people have been using shrouds. However, they don't do a before and after comparison to show the difference so I thought they were just for looks.
Keep in mind how much and how fast your coolant goes through is also a factor. If your going to fast through the radiator the heat wont be removed. Do you use water wetter? Are you getting enough flow? what s the gph on your pump? how many feet of hose?
I am using water wetter.I believe the Eheim 1250's pump about 300 gph. Most of my hoses are not more than 1 1/2 feet long.

Is it possible to make one using cardboard? Getting this water cooling system completely tapped my money keg :)D).
I don't think high flow rate is a factor. Can you measure your water temps? If your water temps are more than 3C above ambient, then it's a radiator problem. Try making a fan shroud for your radiator. If the water temps are at around ambient temp, then you probably have a poor seating of your block on the core. Those MAZE2 blocks are not easy to seat well, especially if you have the model with 1/2" barbs.

Yes, it's possible to make a shroud with anything that you can make air-tight. I use the big, disposable aluminum roasting pans, found at the local market, with duct tape.

Hope that helps. Let us know what happens.
schoolie said:
Can you measure your water temps? If your water temps are more than 3C above ambient, then it's a radiator problem.


Measure your water temps where? Going in to the water block, coming out of the water block, out of the radiator?


Believe me, shrouds make one heck of a lot of difference, as do using two medium to low velocity fans in a push-pull sandwich. Just do it. I don't get my jollies telling people to do things that don't yield positive results.

Heh, "tollies"... :)

Thanks for all the advice. I'm off to make me some cardboard shrouds!
Hey CSaddict...I love counter-strike too! Actually I started OCing because I wanted a good CS machine! OK OK. Back to shrouds...they're good!

It doesn't really matter where you measure the water temp. Unless the flow rate is really low, you won't see much of a difference. Fiven the choice, I'd measure the water temp at the inlet barb of the block. However, it's much easier for me to put a good aquarium thermometer probe in my reservoir.

Hope that helps:)
Grrr... I added the shround, and tried out that program called "Toast" to put the cpu under a lot of load.

Well, my temps went up to 43*C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not saying the shround increased my temperature. It just means that my load temperature was higher to begin with before shround :(.

I'll attach a pic soon.
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This is basically my setup.


Radiator with my cardboard shround on it (it's a heater core).


Waterblock on cpu


My entire system!

I doubt these are of much help because of my crappy camera, but I guess it's better than nothing.

Usually, my case is a lot cleaner but I've had to move a lot of stuff around to fit this thing inside my case.
There are definately people here more knowledgable than myself regarding airflow characteristics, etc. but I think I see part of your problem.

I see that you have the fan mounted inside the shroud. This arrangement is likely placing the fan too close to heater core. Try mounting the fan on the outside of the shroud. The improved airflow should drop you a few more degrees. HTH
I tried that a few minutes ago, and it increased my temperature at load to about 45*C :confused: . I'm sure it's not an airflow problem after getting that shroud installed.

Only thing I can think of is the waterblock. I know a lot of people have mounting problems with the maze2. Unfortunately, I ruled that out. The springs have been pushed as far as they could go.

Right about now I wish I had done something terribly wrong!!!
Asus probe is not accurate, for a second time. Are you using a second source of reading your temp yet? does your water block feel warm?