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Signatures: Content, Size and readability

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Mar 15, 2001
Updated 1/20/2022 by ATMINSIDE

There are certain things that are not allowed in sigs that are allowed in the rest of the forums. This is a list of what those are.


We restrict the size of your sig as it is meant to be an enhancement to the forums. When it becomes large, the sig actually detracts from the flow of the thread in which it is contained.

With new software comes new restrictions.

The limits are as follows:
40000 total characters including BB code
20000 total characters not including BB code
12 lines, which is constituted by either 80 characters or a line break (carriage return).



Links fall under the advertising rule, and thusly are not allowed except for a very few exceptions. One of which is Senior members are allowed a link to their own personal sites.

Links to anywhere on this site are allowed:
www.overclockers.com (There is one exception - Links to threads in the classified section are not allowed.)

These are the only outside URLs allowed in your sig:
https://www.heatware.com/u/<user profile linking>
https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=<user profile linking> - For the Folding@Home user stats
https://stats.free-dc.org/user/rah/<user profile linking> - For the Rosetta@Home user stats
https://hwbot.org/user/<user profile linking> - For the Benching Team members stats

These links are to the heatware profile if you're trading and to our DC and Benching Teams for their individual stats profiles. The use of dynamic and graphical stats is prohibited in sigs.

Specifics that are not always thought to be covered that you are not allowed to have are unclickable URLs or email addresses.


XenForo BB Code

There are a number of BB codes that are not allowed to be added to signatures due to their large sizes or disturb the flow of threads. Here is a list of codes that are not allowed:

[LIST], [code], [php], [html], [quote], [attach], [sigpic], [aname], [bmap], [bteam], [codingchat], [columns], [fteam], [fvid], [gcal], [gs], [hwbot]
[imglink], [lstream], [lstreamvod], [ocfmap], [registered], [spoiler], [steam], [oldtable], [yvid]

For a full list of BB codes, look at our BB Code List.



Folding Team:
Members of the folding at home team are permitted to use the fstats bbcode to insert their folding team stats in their signature. This counts as 5 lines of text out of the total 12 permitted. To clarify, you can input no more than 7 additional lines of text when using the fstats bbcode in your sig.

No other team stats are permitted in sigs unless they are plain text. We are working on solutions for our other teams, and hope to develop similar solutions for them also.

Special Addendum for Vendors and Manufacturers:

Vendors and Manufacturers are now allowed to list SUPPORT ONLY links to their Forum Signatures. This is for support only! Links may only be directed to support specific sites/fora/pages.
We ask the Vendors and Manufacturers add the support link or support e-mail link to their Signature, then if possible, send any Forum Mod a private message, then the staff will finalize this by verifying the link is a support related link, then we will change your user title to reflect that you're indeed a representative for the company.

Forum management reserves the right to terminate this privilege if abused.

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Tips for making it shorter...and more readable:


[size=1]some stuff[/size]

to make it smaller. Makes it look neater, too, in my opinion.

Don't use as many line breaks.

My system
My case
My cooling

looks just as good as

My system -- My case -- My cooling

Different colors make it look pretty, too...just pick ones that aren't impossible to read on the background. Bolding helps that particular problem some.

[color=color]Some stuff[/color]

For other control codes that you can use in your sig, or a different explanation of how to use them, you can go here. :)
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