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silencer or enermax psu?

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New Member
Dec 17, 2000
i'm looking for a very quiet power supply. i've heard good things about enermax, but also about the "silencer" units from pcpowerandcooling.com. (i'm currently running an antec.) i'd appreciate any comments from people who have one or both of these psu's, or any others that are nice and quiet.
I am currently using the Enermax 431 Whisper PS. It is silent. I did however switch the rear fan out with a Sunnon to increase the airflow pulling from the case. As you can see from my system specs, I have a lot to power. As I look at my Digi Doc 5 right now, with all the lights on and the fans a runnin its reading +5.04v + 12.13v. For the money it's the best ps hands down. If money is no issue, then i would have definitely gone with the Turbo Cool. The 300+watt Turbos go for 180.00 and up.
I've been running a PC Power&Cooling Silencer 275 for ~3 years, mostly 24/7/365. I've been quite happy with it, and it is a very quiet PS. 275 Watts is considered a bit wimpy nowadays, but the Silencer 400 model is muy espensivo.

I bought a Turbo Cool 300 ATX from PC P&C a week ago. When running an OC'd rig, I like knowing that the PS and mainboard are rock steady. Makes troubleshooting a LOT easier!

Many folks are enthused about Enermax PS's. They are said to be quiet. I've read that their DC voltage regulation isn't as good as PC Power&Cooling's. I seriously doubt that they come with 2 year, much less 3 year warrantees!
Hoot (Jun 06, 2001 10:08 p.m.):
Antec 400W. Variable fan speed as a function of temperature.

need a link to Antecs site. read an article couple weeks ago on psu shootout and the antec blew the competition away, was stable when larger wattage psu"s crashed.
Personal preference, but I think the Enermax is the way to go. On a cost to benefit ratio, its heads above the pcpowerandcooling. Of course, the Antec PSUs have been and are highly regarded.