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Silent PC

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Nov 7, 2001
I was wonder what Acustic Matting has people used. I really wan ti make my PC Slient. If you have used the matting did it help. Does it Smell?

My System
CoolerMaster ATC-201C-SX2
Asus P4B533-E
P4 2.4B @ 2.70Ghz (Default Voltage)
256MB Corsair PC-2700
ATI AIW Radeon 7500
Maxtor 60GB 7200RPM
Sound Blaster Live! Platinum
Pioneer DVD-117 / HP 9100i CD-RW
from what ive heard matting wont really make a huge difference except to raise ure case temps... for it to make a diff ud have to be nearly silent already so ure temps are prolly a little high to start with
ive heard mouse mats are good... also try putting small pieces of foam behind your fans so they dont resonate the metal as mush, thats where most noise comes from
I think you should try and lower the fan speed if it is okay with cpu's temps or get quiet fans from vantec. Their stealth fans are great I bought some and tried it.

Most sound deadeners work to one degree or another. Dynamat and similar products cut down a lot of case vibration, with little noticable heat increase. Their biggest drawback is added weight to your case. For the same purpose, you can also use acoustic foam, acoustic ceiling tile, carpet padding, styrofoam, or cardboard. Use lowflo fans like Panaflos, rheostatically controlled to really reduce noise. Use rubber gaskets or washers anywhere your fans contact the case frame. You can also use nylon screws to attach your fans and drives. Seal up any holes that are not necessary to your airflow. I don't recommend altering the speed of the fan on your CPU, its much better to keep that as cool as possible.
i went out and bought a rheobus. i THOUGHT i was going to be able to withstand the noise from the tornado sitting on top of my ax-7. hell nooo! that sucker is loud. then to add more fuel to the fire, i have 3 case fans flowing 56cfm. this box is loud. anyhow, i hooked up this bus last night and just by lowering the 3 case fans the whole box is quieter. i lowered the cpu fan (tornado) and the noise was like night and day. i might just find a comfy noise level for the cpu and leave it. i would rather put up with a little noise than to have the cpu heat up.
i had a delta 80 mm fan on my old Tbird 1.4. i just recently switched to water cooling when i built my new box. its well worth the ~100$ if fan noise drives you crazy.
I had some dynamat installed on my old 13+ fan Slot A case. It helped vibration and whiness a little bit, but it's hard to beat fan controllers or rheostats when you can get away with the lesser airflow. Very few rheos were used back in my slot A days, so it really wasn't an option :(

But, if your deadset on using noise-damping material, the magic fleece at plycon.com is suspoed to not smell.