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Silent PSU mod

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Feb 4, 2002
I was wondering how'd I'd be able to test if I can run my psu without it's top and without a fan.

I'm looking into building a clear case, and I'm definitely mounting my psu without it's top, but I haven't decided on the fan yet. I really want as little fans as possible in my case, so how would I know if the psu would be fine without it.

how would I test??
If you could get your power supply out of your case, so that it is not subject to the heat generated by other components, you might be okay, but the airflow moved by one fan, even at a slow speed, is a lot more than no fan at all.

Check my sig. I run my file server with no fans. I attached a massive SECC heatsink to each of the VRMs in the power supply, and I keep the case open. My (temporarily) main system has an Enermax 365 watt PSU, in which I took out the fans, and placed one 80mm Panaflo L1A in. It's hooked up where the 92mm fan would normally be, and it speeds up according to temperature. When my hard drive spins down, I cannot hear fan noise at all. I think this is much safer than taking the fan out altogether.
If you dont want it to make noise...
And dont plan on having a CASE around it...
Grab a large FAN (80mm-92mm) and run it at 7V.
it will be quite and keep your PSU from overheating.
And a overheated PSU is a DEAD PSU (and in my experiences a DEAD Motherboard)
err, I don't want to design my case with fans.... I just don't like them or the way they look.... ::sigh::
I'm moving towards all watercooling, though for now I'm only at the cpu. hopefully in less than 4 months I'll have my ram and chipset cooled.

I guess I'm gonna have to have some sorta air flow through my case...hmm.