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Silent Systems Radial Fin

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Mar 16, 2001

I wonder if someone could answer few of my questions about cpu cooling.

I have an Athlon 900mhz. Its currently running at 49C (57C under load). Motherboard is an Asus A7V133 (KT133a chipset) and running at 32C. I suspect my CPU temperature is too high so I'm looking for new cpu cooler. I have been looking at "Silent Systems Radial Fin medium speed copper cpu-cooler". Is this good choice? It seems to be really silent (22dbA) and is supposed to work with cpu's up to 1ghz.

Second question is what is the normal temperature range for Athlon Thunderbirds @900mhz?

and third and last question is i have grease applied on my cpu right now. Should i remove it before applying new cpu cooler with thermal pad on or should i leave it on cpu? and how do i remove it from my cpu ?

thanks in advance for answering :)
you can remove the old compound with nail polish remover, some people say this is not enough that you need to use some fine grit sand paper as well becasue some of the old compund is left but this is a bit over the top when I doubt it makes even 1oC differance, I would also recomend the FOP 32-1 with maybe a good 80mm fan to replace the normal 60, as this will give you around the FOP 38 level of cooling without the volume and whine, on my [email protected] with 1.9v using this my chip temp never goes over 40oC and is usually around 36-39oC
Despite the technical good sense of radial fins emmanating from directly over the core, as opposed to fins that run parallel from one side to the other, the thermal specs for the Silent Systems Radial Fin is only .70C/W. It may be quiet, but that thermal conductivity is not acceptable for todays high wattage CPUs.

The Radial Fin is a nice heatsink and all, and great for quietness, but IMO, not really powerful enough to handle a Tbird or Duron processor ESPECIALLY NOT OVERCLOCKED!

About the quietest heatsink I have come across is the Agilent Articooler. However, you can get the same quietness with your standard GlobalWin WBK32 heatsink "hacked" to accept either a Panaflo High Output 80mm fan or the Sunon 92 mm fan. With the FOP or WBK hacked in such a way, you will also get slightly better performance than with the Arcticooler.
okay, thank you for your help guys, i'll ordered arctic siver II + fop32 cooler. :)

btw, what are normal temperatures for athlons that are not overclocked? i know that amd says up too 90C but what do athlons usually have ?
I am running the same board as you..And i have the FOP-32 and my temps are 45c idle and around 52c load..i am only using thermal grease from the Shack..And what i have been reading these temps are still a little to hot.im thinking about trying the artic ll myself..let me know how it does for you