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Silicone insert for bending

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New Member
Dec 13, 2016
i want to ask more experienced people before i'll try it myself ;).
I have build on my mind, but i've never done hard tubing, and want to start it now.
I've seen plenty videos on how to make it, but one thing still bothering me.
I mean, that silicone insert which goes into tube and prevents acrylic/PETG from collapsing during the bend should be solid cylinder(1) or should be also the tube?(2) If tube option what wall thickness should it have?

thanks in advance for replies



Apr 29, 2015
I bought Monsoon's mandrel kit. Works flawlessly. tight clean perfect bends.
If you go this way remember to heat the mandrels with the hot gun.


Official CASELABS Rep
Apr 23, 2012
Los Angeles
Always solid. I mean, you're trying to prevent the tubing from collapsing, so it's would help if there were a hallowed out space in that cord that could potentially collapse, right?

Since you've never done hardline tubing, and if you're seriously considering doing it, you really need to read up on it and watch some tutorials. I too have the Monsoon kit and it's worth the money. You'll also want a lot of "extra" tubing to play with, especially your first time, as heating and bending the tubing correctly is really the hardest part. Once you get that down, you'll be flying through tubing runs, but initially it can be hard to tell how long to heat the tube and how far to heat it before bending it.