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SilverPlated HSF!!!

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Frost Byte

Jun 22, 2001
*edit* Check this HSF out then read my post cuz this is really why you cliked here

I need a good HSF for a case that has very little airflow (i'm currently working on a way to fix this)...I'm looking for maximum cooling for the CPU. At this point it runs around 51degree with a load. At that temp it get a little flakey so i need to cut it down...a lot. I don't care if the thing sounds like a jumbo jet plain i just need this friken thing cooled off. The CPU sits underneeth the powersupply and the stupid case doen't have any exauset fans, so i'm cutting a hole. What is the best HSF for my situation (i know i need some air flow through the case and i'm working on that *grabes saw*) I've been looking at the SK6 with the Delta black label fan...I have also been looking at the Gladiator (www.crazypc.com) and I found this awsome copper HSF with silver plating at www.plycon.com it is the Silver Mountain. Please if you have any suggestions I'm open to them.

I can't cut the sides of the case because it has plastic over the steel. BTW this is my Girlfriends computer, so it kinda needs to look nice, so that is why i haven't simply cut the sides and put in a 120mm fan

Would a shim help any, and are they risky to use?
check out the Gladiator at this site.

plus they only charge a flat 3.99 for shipping. they ship US Priority mail. not bad deal. $24.98 shipped for a GREAT HS.
That Plycon - Silver Mountain looks interesting...
Anyone seen any reviews for it? I wonder if that silver plating is for show or go?
You could just have your current (pref. coper) hs silver plated, silver and coper have similar conductive properties, silver is better but only by a little, so the performance gain probably would not be noticeable.
It doesn't matter what HSF you have on your cpu if your ambient is high. The biggest benifactor in your cpu temp is your ambient. Increase your case ventilation before buying a better hsf.
For some reason, I look at a Silver Plated HSF as a marketing gimmic. While silver plating improves the electrical property known as "Skin Effect", I do not believe heat transfer is limited to the surface of the conductor. If that were the case, we would all be using hollow shell HSFs.
Now a thick silver plate on the part of the HS baseplate that contacts the CPU core is a good idea. As speeds and voltage go up, you get to a point where the surface volume of the core becomes a limiting factor on how much heat can effectively be coupled out of it into a thermal conductor. Though silver is not much better than copper as a thermal conductor, any little bit helps in the contact area of the core. I have tried putting a light silver plate on my MC-462A baseplate (appx 6-8 microns) as accomplished with a passive rub-on silver plating product and it did not help my temps to a measurable degree. I believe a thicker plating, such as achieved with electro-plating would work better though.

Most people trade the terms ambient, case temp, and system temp synonamously. Some people call the PC room temperature ambient temperature. There's an argument for both as it's relative to what you are talking about.