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Simple Blorb question here fellas...

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Senior Member
Jan 23, 2001
I might get blorbs for my voooo5 5500 AGP

But as you know, the voodoo5 has two chips, therefore me needing 2 blorbs.

ANyay, I was just wonderin if anyone has done this before cuz I am not sure if they will fit. Like Im not sure if they will be overlapping eachother. Cuz I dont wanna waste 2 blorbs :)
first of all you will have a rough time getting the orig. heatsinks off, and secondly you will only get a few fps out of OC'ing a voodoo. Hardly worth the trouble.
Well I already have the originals off, and I know i will only get a couple FPS outta em, but hey, ist that what overclokin is about?

Pushin it to the MAX?!?

Anyone have an answer for this though?
they should fit(key word is should). Attach them using four drops of superglue on the side of each chip and arctic silver or arctic silver II as the goop. That way your blorbs will stay there, but you will be able to get the durned things off. (Arctic Silver Adhesive is STRONG, i ripped a northbridge off a motherboard removing a block from it!)
My husband has a blorb....it wasn't really all that great...it's now a chipset cooler....I won a Gorb and received it today...after a few mods, it'll be slapped on his vid card.
Yes...A customer did exactly that and even sent me a pic.

This was months ago...if memory serves, I believe that the holes didn't match exactly and he used a combination of frag tape and zip ties...but they definately both fit.