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Simple Ez Questions

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Nov 12, 2002
Stamford, CT
Simple Ez Question

The chipset like nforce 2 or whatever kind is the video chip on the mobo that comes with it automatically correct? and everybody are hype for the new nforce 2 because its from nvidia and its a good Video chip?
oh cool WOW nforce2 ROCKS

but i am right about the defenition of a chipset....the type of video processing unit on a motherboard?
chipset has several meanings,

when one says what is the chipset on this motherboard they are refferring to the northbridge or the chip that pretty much controls the whole system (AGP/PCI/USB) and all that

when one asks about the graphics chipset or integrated chipset they are talking about the video card built into the motherboard...

and most of the hype around Nforce2 is not the MX440 chip built in (its a bargain chip) its about the memory bandwith offered by it
The northbridge controls AGP and RAM, the southbridge controls PCI and IDE.

The Nforce2 has a few advantages over other chipsets, It has dual channel DDR support on the northbridge and it also has cool stuff on it like 6 channel audio and a really good integrated NIC (or two). there are 2 northbridge and 2 southbridge chips that will be available, one northy with the GF4mx and one without, I forget what the difference between the southys is (one has the 6 channel audio and one doesnt?).

If you are looking to buy a board with this chipset make sure you are get the right chip combination.
Alag28 said:
y u cant use the chips thats r out in the market right now?

and its for both AMD and P4 right?

AMD only of course! nVidia wouldnt wanna pay $5 to Intel for every chipset. That is the reason nForce2 isnt for P4s.

Alag28 said:
y u cant use the chips thats r out in the market right now?

I do not know what you mean, but will try to answer. When these people are reffereing to "chips" they are referring to actual "chips" on the motherboard. I am assuming you are confusing the term "chip" with "CPU". As far as I know, old CPU's (I.E.- Socket A's) wil run on it. If it didn't, that would be insane.

Alos, anyone got some link to the info in this? I am also wondering, is it gonna have SATA?
Some boards have serial ATA (even SATA RAID).

here is a link to some info on a few NF2 boards, i just glanced in the "motherboard comparison table" and it said the chaintec had SATA RAID but i doubt it will be the only one (dont think you can buy these boards yet).

EDIT: I guess the boards are available now... Link
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