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simple question: temps?

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Labotomy Jack

Mar 10, 2003
Chelmsford, MA
I just got a 9700 Pro since my Ti4200 stb. I was thinking my old card might have died for being too hot, but am starting to think otherwise as my new card is running fine a good 10ºF hotter (and thats with the temp probe just stuck in between the hsf fins, not actually taped down).

(also contributing subconsciouly is the fact that my CompUSA bought dual probe 5 1/4" temp monitor only reports Farenheit, and so seems to read much higher than mbm in Celsius at first glance...stupid CompUSA -- well at least I got the 9700 Pro at Bestbuy...stupid me without a credit card to buy online :beer: )

Anyway, tried checking ATI's site and searching the old threads here with no luck ( :beer: ) so I figured I'd ask. I'd assume they're comparable to CPU temp tolerances, so I guess wouldn't want to let get much over what 110º or 120ºF?

btw I got the ATI manufactured card -- thoughts on the stock HSF?

(and why does the beer smilie always have that apostrophe after it?)


Sep 20, 2001
The GPUs will have similar tolerances to heat, since they are, in essence, smaller CPUs, just optimised for drawing purty pictures, rather than doing lots of sums (in a nutshell :D)

If you card is running warm, you'd be amazed how much you can lower your temps by aiming an 80mm fan at your graphics card.


Jun 22, 2002
Beijing, China
yes... or if you have your case set up correctly (this would be essential) just takeing the piece that covers the slot (oops) below it off...
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