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Simple solution to 120vac

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Tbird man

Jun 19, 2001
Boone, NC a.k.a THE BOONIES
i got an old 120mm 120vac rotron whisper fan from a BIG server. the thing i love about this fan is it pushes 70 to 80 cfm with just 34-37 decebles. I was wondering how to get power to it and than it dawned on me. my PSU has a moniter power output and i have a seperate cable for my moniter so it sat useless. i just put the ends of the wire into the holes and i instantly have power and the best thing is it works on the main switch so when i turn my comp off it goes off too. NO SEPERATE SWITCHES OR RELAYS!!!! i hope this helps someone.
i'd be cafeful when attaching a fan to the psu's monitor out port.... fans create a pulsing in the AC, much the same as DC... might cause problems with the PSU...

It would be alot safer to just use a relay. Get a 12v relay from radioshack A 275-233 (radioshack part number) will work fine. A relay is just a power activated switch. Wire the coil into a spare 12v power connector, or us a Y adapter to make a pass through.

Well if you actualy want to do it just email me and Ill walk you through it.
yes i know how a relay works it is just SOOO much simpler to stick those wires in the socket. i opened up an old PSU of mine that i scavanged the fan out of and i saw that the moniter output just goes between the switch and the PSU so it draws power directly from the outlet not from the PSU