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SIS & VIA dc ddr's?

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Jul 3, 2002
chicago, IL
I dont know about the rest of you guys, but the granite bay boards so far have been a let down. I really did not know what to expect, but what i knew was that i was hoping for the GB's to be a tad bit ahead of rambus. Even all the reviews ive read so far, aside from myself looking at the numbers, have questioned GB being worth it.

At this point, I am still waiting on the VIA and SIS chipsets. From what ive read they are due out this month as well. Anyone have any more info on them? I read that the SIS allows u to mix and match ddr dimms, particularly the size, which i find cool. However i dont already own any ddr so this wont affect me, but will there be an affect on performance? On top of this, its quite clear that intels GB is using the DDR266 ram modules, however in contrast to SIS's and VIA's are supporting DDR333. How will this affect performance?

If that doesnt work out, screw it, im going with rdrams rimm4200 for my p4.
Thanks for any info guys.
Info on the VIA's Dual DDR board HERE They won't appear till early next year though. The advantage of running Dual DDR with PC2700 instead of PC2100 would be the difference in bandwidth. Dual PC2700 would give you 5.4GB/s while Dual PC2100 would only be 4.2GB/s.
The Sis655 was "announced " formally on the 17th. Can't find any reviews on it that offer benchmarks though. A preview of an ASUS Sis655 is here. Has anyone found any reviews or benchmarks yet?

Acesea it doesn't make much sense to go rdram when Granite Bay gets just about the performance for a bit cheaper. Unless of course you got your eyes on a specific motherboard or don't want new motherboard headaches or can't wait any longer. :)