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Sites won't load w/ my desktop suddently?

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Dec 29, 2004
Ok maybe you guys can help on this one.
Anyhow on my deskto for some weird reason I can't access sites that I can access on my other computer.
I mean simple sites-like checking my yahoo email, and a couple other forums I go onto.

On the other comp they load up really fast.
On my desktop they typically don't load at all.
The desktops on a wired connection (not wireless) the other comps are wireless...dunno if that makes a difference.
I've tried reseting the hub and everything.
I dunno whatsup?
Maybe its something in my firefox prefs?

Go to your Firefox options and check the proxy settings. Sometimes, as I've found out it may have changed even if you haven't done nothing in there. Just check to see if it's set to automatically obtain info from a DHCP server or something similar to that.

EDIT: get rid of yahoo mail...it's garbage...use gmail.
Bryce, maybe he likes ymail?

Try pinging the adress, then typing the IP in your web browser.
still haven't it got to work yet.
I pinged it etc.
I removed firewalls
I checked for virus or w/e
I'm confuseled. :p

Try connecting your desktop directly to the modem. If it still doesn't work, then you have a problem in the lan settings.
looks like I got it to work.
For some odd reason a Trojen Horse was causing the problems I believe.